Holistic Beauty  - Holistic and Beauty Therapies to Complement Everyone
Hand Treats
Express Manicure                                                     £8.00
File, buff and polish  (French Polish £2 extra)   
Manicure (60 mins)                                                 £20.00
File, hand scrub, cuticle work, hand massage, buff and polish
(French Polish £2 extra) 
Luxury Manicure (1 hr 15 mins)                        
As above including hot paraffin wax treatment
(French Polish £2 extra) 
Artistic Nail Design Gel polish Manicure                 £20.00
Artistic Nail Design Gel polish French Manicure  £25.00    
Artistic Nail Design Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Color. Beautifully formulated to glide on just like polish…then, light-cured, just like gel, leaving a strong and super-shiny lacquer-like gloss.
Colour Gloss is available in dozens of high fashion colors, from demure to dynamite. Best of all, Colour Gloss wears for a long time on fingers or toes; Its gorgeous shades and high-gloss finish will last for up to three weeks without chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling.
On the return visit, Colour Gloss soaks off quickly and completely in minutes, without any damage to the natural nail.
Feet Treats
Express Pedicure                                                      £8.00
File, buff and polish
(French Polish £2 extra) 
Pedicure  (60 mins)                                                 £25.00
Soak, scrub, cuticle work, file, buff, foot massage and polish
(French Polish £2 extra)
Luxury Pedicure (1 hr 15 mins)                         £30.00
As above including hot paraffin wax treatment
(French Polish £2 extra)  
Mavala Polish
Extra Treats
Minx - Nail coverings bringing fashion to your fingertips!
Fingers                                                                £20.00                       
Toes                                                                      £20.00
(Designs can be ordered for clients prior to appointment.) 
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